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fleas and worms

Prevent and protect against fleas and worms

Did you know that 59% of pet owners say their cat or dog has had fleas at some point in the past? * Prevent and protect against fleas and worms to keep your animal healthy.

A healthy pet is a happy pet but even for pet owners with the best intentions, it can be easy to forget to apply your pet’s parasite prevention products. Here are just a few reasons why it’s essential to correctly and regularly administer your pet’s flea and worming treatments to prevent cat and dog fleas and worms becoming an issue.

1. Protect against serious diseases

Fleas carry the harmful bacteria Bartonella which can cause serious disease in pets. This can cause conditions such as flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) and cat scratch disease. A serious flea infestation can also result in anaemia for a kitten, puppy or an older cat or dog.

2. Protect against tapeworms

Fleas can carry tapeworm larvae which can infect your pet if they accidentally ingest a flea whilst licking or grooming. Worms can cause vomiting and fatigue in cats and weakness, bloating and diarrhoea in dogs. Some pets do not show any symptoms which means worms can be hard to identify. Using a regular flea and worm treatment will help protect against worms and the issues they cause.

3. Protect indoor pets too

Don’t forget to treat indoor cats against fleas and worms. You may bring parasite eggs or larvae into your home on your clothes and shoes if you spend time with other pets belonging to family or friends.

4. Protect throughout the year

Fleas love warm environments. Since our homes and central heating provide a place for fleas to thrive, fleas are now year-round problem. It is important to treat your dog or cat for fleas throughout the year.

5. Protect for general wellbeing

Worming your pet regularly (every 3 months) helps ensure their overall wellbeing. Using worming treatments such as Drontal or Dronspot for Cats and Drontal for Dogs will also reduce environmental contamination and help prevent the spread of infection to both your pets and family.

How Protect My Pet can help with fleas and worms

These are just a few simple reasons why we created Protect My Pet; to help owners protect their pets against fleas and worms the easy way all year round. Our regular dosing through the post means you’ll never forget to administer market-leading flea and worm treatment. It’s easy to get started and our service is entirely commitment free.

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* Survey conducted by Opinion Matters on behalf of Bayer Animal Health, January 2015 among 1,534 dog/cat owners