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You choose the treatments,

We tailor them to your pet.

We offer different combinations of pet parasite protection. So you decide which combo you’d like, and our vets will tailor the treatments to your pet. Then we’ll deliver everything in one neatly-packaged personalised box through your letterbox, exactly when treatments are due.

Every box includes flea protection

All our pet subscription boxes include flea treatments. Our basic service is for flea-only protection for cats and flea & lice-only protection for dogs, starting from just £6.99 per month. For fleas, we offer the UK’s market-leading brands, Advantage and Frontline Plus.

Include worm and
tick treatments

For a higher level of protection you can choose to protect against worms and/or lice and ticks alongside your pet’s flea treatment. Our most powerful protection tackles fleas, lice and ticks in one treatment. And you can include a separate worm protection product, available in a tablet or liquid spot-on formula. Choose the one that you think will suit your pet best.

Enjoy low prices on
all-round protection

From just £8.49 per month, you can protect your pet from fleas, ticks and worms. We’re happy to confirm our prices for all-round tailored protection are some of the lowest on the market compared to similar subscription services. And with us, you know exactly what you’re getting in the box – including the UK’s leading protection.

Add treats and more

For a fun surprise in your box each month, you can add a treat and poo bag bundle to your subscription. We’ll rotate between a selection of delicious and healthy treats each month so your pet never gets bored. And you may discover a new food brand your pet loves! You’ll find these add-on options at the end of the checkout process.

Choose between spot-on and tablet treatments

You know your pet best, so you’ll have a good idea as to what kind of medication they’ll be willing to take. Our protection boxes include different combinations of both tablet and spot-on treatments, and a wide range of possibilities.

When it arrives in the post, it's time to dose.