Stay Covid-19 safe. You'll receive your pet's box through your letterbox, contact-free.

What's inside the box?

Our beautifully packaged monthly deliveries will keep your pet happy, healthy and parasite free. Our most basic service will deliver trusted brand-leading flea treatments to your pet exactly when they are due. Our vets know that regular, consistent flea control is the best way to keep your home and pet flea free.

Protect Against Worms

Our vets recommend that all pets are regularly treated for intestinal worms. Worming is required every 3 months, unless your pet is under 6 months old, fed a raw diet, or hunts and eat prey regularly. We will deliver your pet’s worming treatment when you need it – so you never need to keep track of when it is due.

We use the brand leading product, Drontal for dogs, which come in the form of chewable tablets. Cats have the choice between Drontal tablets and Dronspot, a spot-on worm treatment from the same trusted manufacturer as Drontal.

More than just parasite protection

Protecting your pet from parasites is part of being a responsible pet owner, but we know that having a pet in your life is more about love and reward than responsibility. Show your love by upgrading your monthly box to include high-quality, tasty treats and biodegradable poo bags for dogs or treats and wet pouches for cats.