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A love of pets inspired us to make a difference

Our story started in 2015 when Veterinary Physiotherapist, Marianne Strange, set out to answer a question: why are so many pets suffering from parasite-borne illnesses and disease with so many effective products on the market?

From pet owners forgetting to treat their pets, to simply not knowing when or how often to treat – Marianne realised pet health could be improved if parasite protection was easier to understand and more accessible to pet owners. So Protect My Pet was born and has since grown into a passionate team of veterinary professionals and pet lovers with a shared goal: to make sure every pet gets the protection they deserve.

A truly tailored solution​

Making pet care as easy as possible for pet owners meant giving them exactly what their pets needed, at exactly the right time. So we developed the technology to send every single pet a personalised protection pack with their exact and correct doses of medication inside, no matter how many pets in the family. It’s something no other pet subscription service has been able to replicate.

Our charity work

In 2021 and during the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw pets being abandoned in droves and cries for help from animal shelters. It was heartbreaking and naturally, we wanted to do something. We’ve started by donating 5% of profits to charities focussed on protecting and rehoming street pets. And we intend to continue these charitable donations from now on.

Like-minded people who care

We’re proud to be an independent business born out of a love for pets and a drive to make their lives – and their owners’ lives – better. Protect My Pet was the first company to launch a flea and worm subscription service in the UK and we’re excited to continue changing the way the nation protects its pets – setting the very best examples in the pet healthcare industry, without compromise.

Working to lower our carbon footprint

Reducing waste

Responsible sourcing

Recyclable packaging

CEO and Founder, Marianne Strange

“Protect My Pet has always been about keeping as many pets as possible healthy and happy, so I’m delighted we can now extend our service to those experiencing homelessness.”

Head Vet, Lindsay Rose

“Protect My Pet is such a simple idea, yet it helps us improve the lives of thousands of cats and dogs. It’s lovely to work for a company whose primary goal is also a good cause.”

We’re delighted with our ‘Excellent’ rating on TrustPilot.
Thank you to everyone who continues to keep their pets healthy and happy by using our service.