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Indorex Defence Spray

Kills fleas in your home and
keeps them at bay

Need to eradicate a flea infestation? Or want to prevent one from developing? Indorex Spray kills the fleas you can’t see in your home, and stops them from coming back. Buy yours now for just £15 plus delivery.

One can of Indorex = one year of continuous protection*

Kills adult fleas

Kills fleas eggs

Kills flea larvae

Kills dust mites

Eradicates fleas,

stops them coming back

Indorex is the UK’s No. 1 spray** used to kill flea infestations in the home or prevent them from even starting. It works by killing fleas at multiple stages in their life cycle so they can’t reproduce. If you have – or have ever had – a pet with fleas, seeing an adult flea represents just 5% of the problem. The eggs, pupae and larvae make up some 95% of the total flea population and can lay dormant in your carpets and home environment for up to a year.

£15 for 12 months of continuous protection.* No subscription necessary.

Why use a household flea spray?

If you use a spot-on or tablet flea treatment on your pet, you may wonder if you really need Indorex Spray for your home. While your pet’s regular flea treatment is an essential part of preventative health care, if you want to be 100% sure fleas won’t be a problem in your home, Indorex Spray gives you that certainty.

Frequently asked questions

Is one can of Indorex enough for my home?

One can of Indorex will treat the average 79 square metre, three-bedroom house, and one treatment lasts 12 months.

How does Indorex work?

Indorex is an odorless, easy-to-use insecticidal spray that kills adult fleas and dust mites, and stops flea eggs and larvae from developing.

How do you use Indorex?

Indorex spray can be used on all home surfaces including carpets, floors, curtains, rugs and blankets. One five-second burst will cover approximately one metre square. After you’ve sprayed Indorex, it’s vital you hoover every day for seven consecutive days. The vibrations from the vacuum will make sure that any unhatched fleas hatch out and are killed by the Indorex Spray you’ve used.

Do I need Indorex if my pet is already protected?

If you want to be 100% certain your pet, home and family are flea free and protected, it’s a good idea to use Indorex household flea spray. That’s because when fleas lay eggs, they roll off your pet and can take up residence in your home environment, producing new adult fleas for up to a year later.

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*One can of Indorex will treat the average, 79 square metre, three-bedroom house.

**GFK MAT Data April 2015 (Veterinary channel sales).