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Officially the UK’s most trusted brands*

Your pet’s wellbeing is our priority. That’s why we offer the UK’s No. 1* and market-leading products to protect against fleas, ticks, lice and worms. They’re all clinically proven to work and sourced from the same licensed wholesalers used by UK veterinary practices. Subscribe now to protect your pet with confidence.

When giving your cat or dog any kind of medication at home, it’s important you know exactly where it’s come from and that it’s suitable for your pet. We offer a comprehensive range of clinically proven and reputable products to make sure your pet receives safe, effective and long-lasting protection.

Powerful protection against worms

We use Drontal and Dronspot to protect against roundworm, tapeworm, hookworm and whipworm – also known as internal parasites, because they live inside the body. Drontal for dogs and cats offers gentle, but highly effective control of all these intestinal worms in meat-flavoured, palatable tablets. For a tablet-free alternative, you may prefer Dronspot – a spot-on wormer for cats – which you can simply ‘spot’ on to your pet’s skin.

Drontal for Dogs

Meat-flavoured worming tablets

Drontal for Cats

Meat-flavoured worming tablets

Dronspot for Cats

Spot-on wormer for cats

Market-leaders in flea, tick and lice treatments

Fleas, lice and ticks are external parasites that not only need to be killed, but also stopped in their lifecycle. Regular use of a quality flea treatment spot-on product will prevent fleas living on your pet long enough to reproduce. Consistent use at monthly intervals will mean that any flea which finds your pet will die without laying eggs. We offer a choice of market-leading topical flea treatments:* Advantage Spot-On and Frontline Plus – the most advanced formula in the Frontline range and No. 1 in the UK.*

Advantage for Dogs

Treatment & prevention of fleas and biting lice

Advantage for Cats

Treatment & prevention of fleas

Frontline Plus for Cats

Treatment & prevention of fleas, ticks, flea eggs, flea larvae and biting lice

Frontline Plus for Dogs

Treatment & prevention of fleas, ticks, flea eggs, flea larvae and biting lice

*MAT sales excluding vet channel, market share dashboard July 2020.