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Kills every type of intestinal worm

Dronspot is made by the same trusted manufacturer as Drontal tablets and is just as effective as a worming treatment. The difference with Dronspot is the product is absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream, where it travels around the body and into the gut, where many of these worms take up residence. As a spot on wormer, it also means you no longer have to coax your cat to take a tablet, if you think that may be a problem.

Dronspot for cats FAQs

How do you apply Dronspot to your cat and how does it work? Read more about Dronspot spot-on wormer in our FAQs.

Does Dronspot kill every type of worms for cats?

Just like your regular Drontal worming tablet, Dronspot kills every type of intestinal worm commonly found in UK cats. And, just like Drontal tablets, it is recommended to be applied every three months. The difference with Dronspot is the product is absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream, where it travels around the body, to the guts, where many of these pesky worms take up residence.

How often can you use Dronspot?

The majority of adult cats will require worm treatment every three months for effective worm control. However, certain situations may make more frequent treatments desirable:

  • If your cat has a flea problem, as fleas can pass new tapeworm infestations on to your pet.
  • If your pet regularly hunts and eats mice.
  • If your pet is fed a raw meat diet.

How do I give my pet a Dronspot pipette?

The application of Dronspot is exactly the same as topical flea treatments, however there must be a 48-hour gap in between applying the treatments.

  1. Unpackage the pipette and break its seal.
  2. Part the fur between your pet’s shoulder blades or base of the skull, so that the skin is visible (Remove the pet’s collar if necessary)
  3. Squeeze the pipette onto the skin. Try to avoid the liquid saturating the fur. (You may need to repeat the second step again a little higher than the first spot if you have a larger volume of liquid)
  4. Dispose of the pipette and wash your hands. Avoid touching the wet application spot on your pet.

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