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advantage dog flea treatment

Choose Advantage dog flea treatment for a reliable way of preventing and treating fleas

If you own a dog, you need a reliable, fast acting flea treatment. Advantage dog flea treatment is one of the leading market brands in flea prevention and treatment making it one of the best flea treatments for your dog.

How does Advantage dog flea treatment work?

This type of treatment is an easy to apply product that kills fleas on your dog. This product also helps to protect your home from a flea infestation by killing the larvae and preventing them from developing into adult fleas. This double action breaks the flea life cycle so fleas cannot multiply and develop into an infestation.

What is Advantage Spot-on?

Advantage Spot-on for dogs is a flea treatment that is applied topically to the back of your pets’ neck on a monthly basis. Advantage dog flea treatment is used to protect and treat flea infestations on cats and dogs, and separate products are recommended for each animal and based on the weight of your pet. All products kill fleas within 24 hours of application. Advantage for dogs also treats biting lice.

How does Advantage Spot-on work?

Advantage Spot-on is administered via a small pipette directly onto the skin at the base of the dogs’ neck. From here, the product distributes across the whole pet. Instead of being absorbed into the skin, it remains on the surface. The active ingredient contained in Advantage products is Imidacloprid which acts on the central nervous system of the flea, causing paralysis and death.

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Written by Lindsay Rose MA VetMB CertAVP CertVBM MRCVS