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Advantage for dogs

Kills fleas within 24 hours and prevents infestation

Advantage for dogs is a highly effective easy-to-apply spot-on flea treatment. It kills through contact, meaning your dog doesn’t have to be bitten for it to work. Fast-acting and long-lasting for up to four weeks, it protects your dog and home from infestation. Used regularly, at the right times, Advantage will keep your dog flea free, for good. 

Advantage for dogs FAQs

Want to know how Advantage works and why it’s so well-trusted by UK vets? Read more in our FAQs.

How does Advantage flea treatment work?

Unlike some other treatments available such as oral tablets, Advantage Spot-On flea treatment for dogs is a liquid Spot-On and is applied directly to the skin. The active ingredient spreads throughout the skin and can kill fleas through contact within 24 hours, so your dog doesn’t have to be bitten in order for the treatment to work.

How to apply Advantage flea treatment for dogs?

  1. Unpackage the pipette and break its seal
  2. Part the fur between your pet’s shoulder blades or base of the skull, so that the skin is visible (remove the pet’s collar if necessary)
  3. Squeeze the pipette onto the skin. Try to avoid the liquid saturating the fur. (You may need to repeat the second step again a little higher than the first spot if you have a larger volume of liquid)
  4. Dispose of the pipette and wash your hands. Avoid touching the wet application spot on your pet.

How long after applying Advantage can I bathe my dog?

Following the application of Advantage Spot-On, we would advise ensuring the application site is dry before allowing any exposure to water, and a minimum of 48 hours after product application before significant water exposure.

Parasite protection made easy with a commitment-free subscription

For a more complete level of protection, you can choose to include treatments for fleas, ticks and worms in your subscription. We’ll throw in a few treats too if you like. Tell us about your dog, choose from the UK’s market-leading parasite protection and we’ll prepare the exact doses your dog needs. 

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