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Advantage for cats

Fast and effective cat flea treatment

Advantage for cats is a spot-on treatment that is easy to apply. Dropped onto your cat’s skin, the active ingredient kills fleas through contact within 24 hours and lasts up to four weeks. Used regularly, at the right times, Advantage will keep your cat flea free, and your home protected from infestation. 

Advantage for cats FAQs

How does Advantage work and why is it so well trusted by UK vets? Find out in our FAQs.

How does Advantage flea treatment work?

Unlike some other treatments available such as oral tablets, Advantage Spot-On flea treatment for cats is a liquid Spot-On and is applied directly to the skin. The active ingredient spreads throughout the skin and can kill fleas through contact within 24 hours, so your cat doesn’t have to be bitten in order for the treatment to work.

How to put Advantage on a cat

  1. Unpackage the pipette and break its seal
  2. Part the fur between your pet’s shoulder blades or base of the skull, so that the skin is visible (remove the pet’s collar if necessary)
  3. Squeeze the pipette onto the skin. Try to avoid the liquid saturating the fur. (You may need to repeat the second step again a little higher than the first spot if you have a larger volume of liquid)
  4. Dispose of the pipette and wash your hands. Avoid touching the wet application spot on your pet.

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