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pet portraits

Discover an artist you like and gift a personalised pet portrait to yourself.

Nothing fills our hearts with warm-fuzzy joy quite as much as a funny picture of a cute cat or dog. You probably know what we mean. That’s why we wanted to share these fabulous pet portraits with you, created by some very talented artists. Some of them even sell personalised pet portraits and fun merchandise online. Now there’s a unique gift idea…

Without further ado, get ready to smile and say ‘aww’.

1. Hercule Van Wolfwinkle

Hercule Van Wolfwinkle began drawing portraits as a joke, but his ‘terrible’ pet portraits caught people’s imaginations and Hercule became a hit. With no artist training, or talent (arguably), Hercule has become a sensation. His work has been exhibited publicly and The Sunday Times Bestselling book of his drawings, ‘Rubbish Pet Portraits’ is available from all good bookstores. These often hilarious pet depictions have raised over £100,000 for Hercule’s local homeless charity, which certainly made us smile too. Check out more of his work here.

2. Pet Portrait Illustration

This one’s by Pet Portrait Illustration who create and sell bespoke artwork for ‘pet people’. This A6 miniature pet portrait caught our eye and made us giggle, but there are plenty more to inspire you, in their online shop. All hand drawn in intricate detail; the artist aims to capture your pet’s unique character. And their reviews suggest they’re doing a pretty good job. Take a look here.

3. Gilmore the Dachshund

Dachshund has a range of dog portraits and comics. Gilmore’s owner Liz loves drawing pets in all sorts of scenarios, but her constant source of inspiration is still her beloved Daxy . There are a range of Gilmore pictures you can purchase – each one like a page from a picture book, telling its own little story. And you can have your pet’s story told by Liz too. Fortunately for us, she offers a bespoke pet-drawing service. If there’s a particularly memorable moment or a naughty trick your pet is known to do, Liz will memorialize it for you in her quirky illustrative style. You can choose to frame it for the wall, print it on a mug or even a beach towel. There are plenty of options in Liz’s online shop.

4. Purr and Mutt

Purr and Mutt will transform any pet into a piece of art. Simply upload a photo of your pet and choose a uniform or photo style that you think best suits them. Print your pet pic on canvas to exhibit on your wall or for a more subtle style, put it onto a cushion cover or blanket. We love the pet astronaut, which could also do wonders for your pet’s self-esteem! See your pet in a new light here.

5. Turner and Walker

With an in-house team of artists, Turner & Walker will compose the perfect portrait to complement your pet’s character and picture them in historical, fictional or your favourite settings. Whether you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, have a passion for fly fishing or want to see them dressed in your football team’s colours, anything is possible. Multi-pet families can also choose from famous double acts like Holmes & Watson. You can even request a totally original scene of your imagination and choosing. We particularly enjoyed the large collection of regal pet portraits. See what tickles your fancy here.

Know of a funny pet artist that’s not listed here?

Know of a funny pet artist that’s not listed here? We’d love to hear about them. Comment below with their details and share with our online community using hashtags #funnypetportraits  #happyhourshub #protectmypet