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Protect My Pet is proud to be a small independent business born from a true passion for pets. We are a small group of animal lovers who want to make it easier for busy owners to keep their pets healthy. After years of working in the veterinary industry, the idea for a flea and worm subscription came from seeing the need for a new approach to help our clients (and ourselves!), remember when to treat for parasites.

How is Protect My Pet different?

Protect My Pet is the only subscription business that can deliver your favourite brands of flea and worm treatments for all your pets exactly when they are due. Our beautiful tailored boxes are hand packed by qualified staff and contain exactly the number of pipettes and tablets required for your pet that month.

Relax, You Have One Less Thing To Remember

Year-round consistent flea, worm and tick protection is the only way to completely protect your pet, family, and home. Breaks in parasite treatment allow numbers of these pests to multiply rapidly and leave your pet and family vulnerable to the diseases they carry. Protect My Pet sends your flea and worm treatment when they are due to be given, meaning you can relax and rely on us to remember what to give, and when.

Protect My Many Pets

The only thing better than having a cat or dog in your life is having lots of cats and dogs! We celebrate your fur family with multi-pet discounts as standard across all of our subscription boxes.

Take Control of the Costs

At Protect My Pet we know that taking good care of your pets can be expensive. With our subscription model, you never need to pay upfront for the next six or twelve months of treatment. You only pay one month at a time, evenly spreading the annual costs of your complete parasite control regime. You never pay for delivery and you will always use what you pay for, as it only arrives as you need it. No more paying for expensive flea treatment that gets forgotten at the bottom of a drawer.

If you ever need to pause or cancel your account, you have complete control to do so, either through logging into your online account, or by contacting our friendly team.

More than just Fleas, Ticks and Worms

Did you know that Protect My Pet also offer an option to receive delicious treats and handy extras in your monthly box? We all like to receive a package in the post, your pet will look forward to their monthly Protect My Pet arrival when it is crammed full of British-made, grain-free treats, and pouches. We love to surprise you with seasonal treats as well as samples of shampoos, dental products or useful accessories.

The Personal Touch

As a small passionate business, everything we do is about putting you and your pet first. We are all veterinary professionals and want to use our years of expertise to benefit as many pets as possible. Our ethos is that every detail matters; from our vet-recommended products, to our British-made grain-free treats, to the sourcing of our boxes from 100% FSC recycled cardboard, you can trust us to do the best for you and your pet.

If you’re not already a member of our pack, you can protect your pet from as little as £6.99 a month. Sign up today by clicking here.