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We all love it when the sun comes out but it’s important to keep your dog cool and safe to avoid heat stroke. Here’s 5 useful tips to keep your dog cool and hydrated. 

 1. Stay out of the heat

Avoid spending unnecessary time in the sun and if you and your dog are spending time outside then ensure there is a cooler, shady area that your dog can enjoy.

 2. Never leave your dog in a car

On warm days it’s important that you never leave your dog in a car or caravan, even for a few minutes. Temperatures can soar very quickly even with the windows open.

 3. Staying hydrated

Fresh clean water should always be available at home. We recommend ceramic or non-spill bowls to ensure they don’t accidentally knock their bowl over. Keeping your dogs hydrated on the move has never been easier, there are so many different travel bowls and bottles available now.

 4. Food for thought
The digestion process can generate a surprising amount of body heat so it’s best to feed your dog during cooler periods, early in the morning or evening. Some boredom buster toys such a kongs can be stuffed with treats and the frozen, this is a fun way to help keep them cool.*

 5. Exercise wisely
Walk early in the morning or later in the evening when the pavements are cool. It’s always best to walk on the grass where possible. Ensure you take a bottle of water with you on your walks allowing for regular water breaks with a travel dog bowl. Try not to let your dog drink from puddles or lakes as these can lead to infection.

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