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We all love it when the sun comes out but it’s important to keep your cat cool and safe.

Here’s a few useful tips to keep your cat cool and hydrated. 

1. Provide some shade 

Cat’s love to bask in the sunshine but can become affected by heatstroke over a prolonged period so ensure there are cooler, shady areas in your garden that your cat can enjoy. 

2. Never leave your cat in a car

As with dogs, cats can quickly overheat so never leave your cat in a car. If you have to make an unavoidable car journey, ensure you choose a carrier that has plenty of ventilation and doesn’t attract the heat.  

3. Staying hydrated

Fresh clean water should always be available at home. We recommend ceramic or non-spill bowls to ensure they don’t accidentally knock their bowl over. Water should always be easily accessible in outside areas as well as indoor areas. 

 4. Food for thought

The digestion process can generate a surprising amount of body heat so it’s best to feed your cat during cooler periods, early in the morning or evening. If your cat is fed on wet food, avoid leaving their meals down during hot weather as it will attract flies. 

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