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Cost of living pet subscription box fleas ticks worms

Good news for cat and dog owners everywhere. Essential flea, tick and worm protection now comes at a lower price with Protect My Pet.

At Protect My Pet, we’ve always done everything possible to keep the prices of high quality, effective parasite treatments affordable and fair. So as essential living expenses continue to go up, we’re pleased to announce that our subscriptions are now available at a lower price with the launch of two new treatments.

How else can we support cat and dog owners at this tough time? From our fully-flexible service, to our commitment to consistent pricing, a subscription with Protect My Pet offers peace of mind and could take the edge off the cost of your pet’s essential care. It may even save you a few bob.

Lower-cost treatment options now available

We’ve recently launched Fleascreen Combo and Anthelmin Plus for both cats and dogs – two high-quality value alternatives to protect your pet from fleas, ticks and worms. Customers can save up to £2 per month when they opt for complete protection against fleas, ticks and worms – a saving of more than 25% – and £1 per month for flea and tick protection – saving more than 10%.

As with all treatments in our protection packs, Fleascreen Combo and Anthelmin Plus are vet-approved and made to the highest quality standards. They’re produced by one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and contain the same active ingredients as other, more expensive treatment options. So pet owners get the same effective protection for their pets, but at a lower price.

Free delivery always, no matter how many pets you have

We’re committed to offering our customers free delivery always. That means that no matter how many pets one customer has, we will always deliver all of their pets’ protection packs for free, something many other pet subscription services are unable to offer. We consider this to be a core service offering and something our customers count on. That’s why, when our delivery service providers increased their prices recently, we chose to absorb the cost, even when it meant a blow to our bottom line.

A flexible subscription and payments you control

At a time when many people are looking for ways to spread their expenses and reduce their costs, Protect My Pet offers flexibility and peace of mind. Customers can create an online account where they can change their billing dates, pause their subscription or cancel any time. A subscription with us is commitment-free. Payments are also made monthly and based on a pet’s tailored dose, so there’s no expensive upfront cost. This is particularly useful for multi-pet owners where the initial costs can be significant.

We believe that every pet deserves to be protected – and every pet owner deserves access to high-quality protection. A subscription with us means your pet’s essential health care is covered, and more importantly, you’re in control of the costs.

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