Clare R.
Really great service and great value for money certainly takes a bit off my mind not needing to worry about my girl.
Kath O.
Love how easy it is also very convenient
Kate M.
I love this service, I am very busy with two young children, a full time job and pets! So having to then think about what treatment and when wasn't even on my radar. I have had two sets of boxes in so far, it reminds me to apply the drops and I actually do it! I feel motivated to. I like the little samples that come in each box too!
Sophie J.
So far they have been great! Had a few issues with the post but that wasn’t their fault. They have been very responsive and helpful and even gave me a free order because of the delay of the parcel. The product is great and the packaging is recyclable. Small and efficient.
Jennifer L.
Very convenient and well packaged. Very pleased.
Chloe W.
Great way to keep on top of flea and worm treatments.
Harriette P.
I like knowing that my dog is protected from fleas & worms especially as I have small children.
Emma W.
Great idea making sure you dont forget to treat the animals. Sent in separate boxes too.
Robyn G.
Easy and simple. Its great
Kerri W.
Flea drops nice and easy to use but the worming tablets my dog struggles with due to the size (she hates taking tablets) getting delivered to the door is great and a nice price
Heather T.
Only had 1 box so far and I would not go anywhere else for treatment my glamour has a flea allergy and this has helped her so much would definitely recommend this to anyone
Laura D.
Shame the worker is in tablet form and not drop form, can’t get Smirnoff to swallow it ?
Sharon C.
Great service. Very happy 🙂
Zoe C.
No need to worry about remembering when to order no ordering a taxi to vets to pay stupid prices for same items from this company
Alexia D.
This is a great product and it's really helpful to ensure the cats are regularly treated. The only change I would make is that one of my cats is a good hunter and so needs worming monthly in summer. It would be brilliant if there was a 'mouser' option for this.
Sharn B.
So helpful not having to keep track of when and what I’m dosing
Katie C.
Would be nice if it had a little treat for the dogs to have with/after their tablet, just something little.
Sharn B.
Gemma C.
Had problems with delivery of the first box but all sorted out quickly, fantastic customer service and so quick and easy!!!
Julia S.
Really like the ease and convenience. It took quite a while for my first delivery to arrive... I know you reminded me about this and offered to send it sooner, but I never got round to asking for it sooner. I also got a little bit confused about why there were two pills in one cat box and one in the other, until I saw it was one and a half
Laura A.
Protectmypet is such a fantastic idea. I was forever forgetting to buy worming and flea treatments and it's so helpful to have them sent monthly without even having to think. I love that they keep track of when my cats need their worming treatment and send other exciting products in place of worming tablets. Last month my cats loved the dental care gel we received. The only reason I haven't given a perfect score and my only criticism is that I seemingly can't choose the date my subscription renews. Being charged at the end of the month just before payday is always a bit awkward. But overall protectmypet offers a great service and at a fair price too.
Victoria W.
This box is great for my Rottie, every month we get flea treatment, and so far we have also received worming tablets, dental cream, and a nice natural treat! The value is so much better than buying on the high street, and so much more convenient.
Steph K.
Pretty impressed with the concept, and packaging only comment would be that one of the items was a bit too 'puppy-ish' for Arnie, he's totally destroyed the hemp rope toy already (after 2 days) and I've had to throw it away.