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Clare R.
Really great service and great value for money certainly takes a bit off my mind not needing to worry about my girl.
Sam S.
I love protect my pet service. Don’t have to worry about keeping my Angel protected ?
Mark B.
Great service,more than helpful sorting our 2 dogs
Tina L.
I like the fact is arrives on my door step monthly so I don’t need to set myself reminders
Steven B.
Impossible to forgot her flea & worm needs! Great value for money & much cheaper than our vets. Yet its delivered to my door with the exact dose belle needs that month! What more could we ask for! Thanks
Pauline B.
I'm so happy with this service once its posted threw your letter box it's a reminder and for me I get brain fog due to my illnesses so it's a great service to have thank you protect my pet
Laura C.
Fantastic and prompt service. Great to be able to have essential doggy products sent through the door on a monthly basis in keeping with our routine with some nice little treats included. Highly recommended
Molly R.
Easy to use service which reminds me when my baby needs cleaning and worming also a great price x
Vicki M.
Ensures my babies are covered against fleas and worms by providing the right dose at the right time meaning I know my dogs are covered without even leaving the house ?
Sandra J.
It's great I don't even have to think about it it just turns up in the post totally recommend..
Emma H.
Love this service! So convenient!!
Harry A.
Kathleen M.
Received gizmos free gift today , I’m really happy as we find it difficult to brush his teeth so I hope it works and I can order logic oral gel thank u
Kathleen M.
This benefits myself as I work 12hr night shift and everything for gizmo comes through the post and ready to use so u don’t forget very handy
Kim A.
I’ve been fostering and rehoming dogs for many years and have recently joined protect-mypet. It’s a great idea if you have a pack, takes all the worry out of keeping up with treatments
Amanda P.
Great servicePrompt delivery and enabled me to forget about it as the worming and flea tablets arrive when my puppy is due to be wormedThanks and would definitely recommend
Lesley F.
Excellent service
Ellie R.
Such an easy way to ensure Zero is protected. Takes the worry away from forgetting. Fits perfectly through the letter box so no need to worry about being in for delivery. Just made the whole process of protecting my pup soooooooo easy thank you
Louise W.
Great its so convenient. I will never forget to protect princess.
Amy C.
Michael W.
Getting started on line is easy-staff very helpful if you either make a mistake or want help.When product arrives-instructions are simple to follow. If you need help it is only an email away and replies are instant-no waiting for a reply.
Tracy C.
Subscribed to this product as it's so much easier than remembering dates of when I need to worm and flea my dogs. Great idea and so easy to subscribe. Will definetely recommend to friends
Melissa L.
Brilliant. Value for money, always on time. No more forgetting!!
Tracy B.
I dont know what I would do with out protect my pet I would not remember when Bailey is due his flea drops or when he needs to be wormed with it
Paula H.
Great price & very convenient ??
Hayley C.
Great value for price love how they give you the correct amount for the size of your dog! Very handy as I am forgetful so good that it just turns up when you’re due
Megan C.
Absolutely brilliant! Apart from getting the treatment for the wrong dog (my fault) and no one replied to my email. The products I got in the post were great and I have upgraded my box
Daniel R.
When you get a new puppy, it's so easy to forget things as there is so much to remember! With protect my pet it's one less thing plus a great reliable service.
Kath O.
Love how easy it is also very convenient
Sarah G.
Very happy with the service and the pricing and the delivery of the products
Katy M.
Being self employed with two beautiful doggies means a very busy lifestyle. Protect my pet means I never have to worry about forgetting the important things. They arrive the same time each month and take the hassle out of remembering when to flea/worm which dog & when! They now both get it at the same time and I know exactly who’s is who’s as they come in lovely labelled boxes. Simple & easy!
Nicola S.
It’s great having flea and worming treatments delivered to my door at the right time every month so I never forget .
Denise L.
Great idea so you never forget to give your pet their flea & worming protection so perfect for working people delivered to your home.
Jessica B.
We absolutely love the boxes! It’s super convenient and means I can never forget as they just come through the post box every month! We’ve recently got a new puppy and he’ll be getting his own box in June! Super handy and love the treats and poop bags that come too!
Kate M.
I love this service, I am very busy with two young children, a full time job and pets! So having to then think about what treatment and when wasn't even on my radar. I have had two sets of boxes in so far, it reminds me to apply the drops and I actually do it! I feel motivated to. I like the little samples that come in each box too!
Carla A.
It's fantastic and your all very nice people and Luna would like to know what gift she gets x xxx
Marcelle A.
Protect my pet just makes life easier. 3 dogs, 4 horses, a gekko, a rabbit, 2 teenage children and 2 jobs means life can be pretty hectic. Having the delivery each month takes the need to worry away. My dogs are protected and happier. Thank you!
Elisa W.
Absolutely love this service, gives me peace of mind that the treatments just come thru the door when required and my cats are always protected! 5*****
Jo R.
On receiving my first box I was excited to receive it but also a bit nervous as one of my babies always refuses worming tablets. I have my girl hers & she loved it & then went to give “The Baby” his, expecting to have to wrap in deeply inside a sausage (as I normally would have to) & he actually ate without no need for the sausage. This months box arrived & they couldn’t wait for me to open it & actually looked disappointed that there was no wormer lol. Alls going well with the flea treatment. Thankfully, no visits from the awful things.
Anna W.
Good reminder for treating Louie and they arrive promptly. Thanks
Jenny T.
Brilliant and so easy to set up.takes the worry out of getting the treatment for my woofers !
Anna W.
Arrived on time in in a nice little box and it’s great because it reminds you to all do the flea treatment on time !! Thank you
Lindsay M.
I really love how its every month there is no need to go to vets and the are always on time
Nichola P.
Easy, convenient. I'll not forget to treat my pup now
Leon S.
Love the ease of only having to apply the products instead of having to work out the amount needed etc
Ceri D.
Love this service never forget Good prices Told loads of friends
Andrea O.
I love this service and so affordable and keep protecting my Luna ?
Sophie J.
So far they have been great! Had a few issues with the post but that wasn’t their fault. They have been very responsive and helpful and even gave me a free order because of the delay of the parcel. The product is great and the packaging is recyclable. Small and efficient.
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