About Us

Even though our team all worked in the veterinary profession and had the best of intentions, we still found it difficult to remember when to treat our own dogs and cats for fleas and worms. Their medication used to spend more time in the kitchen drawer than it did on them!

Working in the industry for over 10 years meant we met pet owners every day, and so many of them told us that they had the same difficulties keeping on top of their pet’s regular flea and worming treatments.  

We knew that fleas and worms can cause serious health problems in our four-legged friends and because we’re so passionate about pet health, we set out to find a convenient, affordable and most importantly, a reliable way for owners to ensure their pets’ were protected against these little nasties!

And so Protect My Pet was born, we deliver single dose flea and worming treatments direct to your door just when your pet needs them. And by offering an online health plan customers are able to spread the cost by paying monthly, and there's no commitment so you can unsubscribe at any time. 

We hope you and your furry friend join our pack today. 

The team at Protect My Pet


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