Tell us a little about your pet including their weight

Premium Multi Dog -5%

One size doesn’t fit all.
We tailor your pet’s treatment plan based on their age, breed and weight.

Our health boxes are customized for each pet to ensure they receive the correct dose of brandleading flea and worming treatments just when your pet needs them. Depending on your budget, choose between our essential or premium boxes.

A tailored health box will be delivered to you each month

Premium Multi Dog -10%

Every 4 weeks you will receive a health box containing the flea and worming treatments your pet needs that month.

We use letterbox friendly packaging for your convenience. Our premium boxes include tasty and healthy treats to help the medicine go down. We even include an extra special meal for cats and eco-friendly poo bags for dogs.

When it arrives in the post, it’s time to dose...

Premium Multi Dog -15%

You can enjoy total peace of mind knowing that your pet’s flea and worming treatments are always up to date.

No more extra visits to the vet or shop, and no more medication gathering dust in the kitchen drawer! We give you precious time back to spend with your four-legged friend. Never miss a dose again, sign up today.

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