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Our customers love the time they save on veterinary visits – an average of 24 hours per year! We call them ‘happy hours’, because it feels good when you’ve got time on your side. And this hub serves as happy hours inspiration.

growing up with pets

The hidden magic of growing up with pets

From social development to stress relief, pets and well-being go paw-in-hand. Read more

pet podcasts

Our favourite pet podcasts

Have a laugh and brush up on your knowledge. These 5 pet podcasts are factual and funny. Read more

pet portraits

Pet Portraits to Make You Laugh

Discover an artist you like and gift a personalised pet portrait to yourself. Read more

Christmas dinner that’s fit for your dog

It’s hard to resist those puppy dog eyes at Christmas - and now you don’t have to! Read more

New Year's resolution for you and your pet?

Thinking of getting fitter in the new year? Here’s how you and your pet can help each other out. Read more

dog friendly birthday cake

A delicious dog cake recipe

For something a bit different, a bit indulgent and perfect for their birthday - here’s a recipe they’ll love! Read more