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How to Give Your Cat a Drontal Worming Tablet

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Can giving your cat their worming tablet be a little daunting? 

Drontal worming tablets protect against round worms and tape worms. It is important that you correctly and regularly administer the tablet to keep your cat protected. 

Giving a tablet to a cat can be a little daunting for owners, but once you know how it can be done it is often much easier than you think.

Here are some tips to help you successfully administer your cat's worming tablet as easily as possible.

Drontal is palatable and some cats will readily eat the tablet when offered to them by hand. 

However, we understand that some cats have a tendency to be fussy easters particularly if the flavour or texture is new to them. If this is the case, you have two options. 

 Disguise the tablet in food

The trick here is to ensure your cat is hungry when you are going to give him his medication.

  1. Take all food away for 12 hours to make sure your cat will want to eat when you offer the food
  2. You can split the tablet in half to make it easier to disguise
  3. Your cat may take it hidden in a small amount of a favourite food such as a small piece of soft meat or fish. A strong flavoured treat works best. 
  4. Make sure the tablet is completely hidden/buried in just a small amount of food
  5. Check to make sure your cat has eaten the tablet and not left it behind 
  6. You can then give your cat the rest of its normal meal

 Administer the tablet directly in your cat's mouth 

If your cat will not take the tablet voluntarily or disguised in their food, you will need to give the tablet by hand.

Firstly you will need to ensure: 

  • you have everything you need prepared and ready in advance (if your cat requires a partial tablet, have that split and ready to administer). 
  • you are in a secure and safe area with possible exits (doors and windows) closed
  • you are gentle with your cat and keep calm
  • you have a second person, ideally someone your cat knows, to help you

Sitting with your cat on a non-slippery surface, allow your cat to sit upright facing away from you. Then gently hold each front leg above the elbow with your hands pressed gently against the sides of your cat to prevent him from running away. 

(Tip: you can use a towel to protect yourself or if your cat is particularly wriggly. Simply place a towel on the floor, sit the cat on the towel as above and wrap the towel around your cat's body). 


  1. The person giving the tablet should hold the tablet between the thumb and forefinger
  2. Place the other hand on the top of your cat’s head (approaching your cat from the side rather than above, this is less upsetting for your cat
  3. Gently tilt the head upwards at a 45 degree angle, and use the middle finger of the hand holding the tablet to pull the lower jaw down and open the mouth
  4. Place the tablet as far back on your cat’s tongue as you can. Aiming for the centre of the tongue
  5. Hold the jaw closed for a few seconds and wait for your cat to swallow. 
  6. If your cat does not swallow the tablet or spits it out you can try repeating the procedure as long as your cat is showing no signs of distress
If you experience any difficulty or your cat gets upset, contact your local veterinary practice and talk to the vet or vet nurse about how they may be able to help.

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