Fireworks Spark Anxiety for Cats and Dogs

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As Halloween and Firework Night approaches, we would like to remind pet owners that it can be a stressful time of year for our furry friends. 

Halloween has grown in popularity in the UK and has become the third biggest party night of the year. Whilst this might be fun for us, it isn't fun for our pets. Fireworks, noise levels and costumes are louder and more prominent than ever before which can be frightening for our pet's.

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Please read our tips to take extra care of your pets this Halloween and Firework Night.

  • Don’t take your dog to one of these events. Signs that your pet is feeling anxious aren’t always obvious. Subtle behaviours such as yawning and panting may be a sign that your pet is feeling anxious. 
  • Avoid leaving your pet at home alone
  • Keep your cat or dog indoors. Create a safe den for your pet to retreat to if they are feeling scared. A den can be as simple as a table with a bed sheet over it or cosy space under the bed.
  • Close your doors and windows whilst the fireworks are on. Draw the curtains to block out the noise and the lights from the fireworks
  • Walk your dog (or let your cat outside) before the fireworks start.  There may be a prolonged period of time before they will venture back outside.
  • Anxiety can often lead to loss of appetite. Feed your pet before the event starts in case they don’t feel hungry later.
  • Don’t tell your pet off – it will only make him or her more stressed. Reward their calm behaviour with treats and lots of praise.
  • Keeping a TV or Radio on will help to dilute the noises outside.
  • Speak to your vet about other things you can do. Anxiety vests, pheromone therapies and calming herbal remedies may be useful too. 

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