10 Brilliant Things You’ll Discover from Running with Your Dog

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There’s no simpler activity than putting on some chafe free clothes, trainers, leaving your house and putting one foot in front of the other. If your dog loves running then it’s brilliant exercise and bonding for you both.  

  1. It makes running really fun - not about getting the fastest time or going on the longest route - just getting out and enjoying it.

  2. You won’t get a cheaper or more enthusiastic personal trainer than your dog.

  3. You feel braver to explore new and undiscovered routes with your furry companion.

  4. It’s a great way to bond and spend time with your dog on outdoor adventures together.  

  5. More exercise will improve your dog’s behaviour, confidence and they will be happier and healthier - as will you!

  6. It will help you both increase your stamina, fitness and keep trim.

  7. You can take your dog to your local Parkrun and even sign up for proper canicross races if you want to get competitive with your dog and improve your times.

  8. It’s a good way to meet other like minded people…

  9. ...and four-legged friends for your dog to socialise with.

  10. When they stop for a pee, you get to have a quick sneaky rest!

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