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What Flea and Worm Treatment Do I Need For My New Kitten?

A breeder that is knowledgeable about flea and worm treatments is a great sign of their interest and commitment to doing the best for their cats.  A queen can start to pass worms to her kittens in her milk, there are worming protocols to reduce the changes of this happening. Kittens should be wormed every 2 weeks until they are 12 weeks old, then monthly until 6 months old. Speak to your vet about the most appropriate products to use for your young kitten. 

Why Do I Need To Protect My Kitten Against Fleas, Eggs & Larvae?

Young pets are much more vulnerable to the ill effects of parasites than their parents. When a litter is born into a nest with fleas it provides the perfect conditions for the number of fleas to rapidly multiply.  The presence of warm bodies in one location allows fleas to rapidly complete their life-cycle, ready to reinfect the occupants of the nest. 

The small size of young kittens means that the loss of blood caused by fleas can cause life-threatening anaemia. The burden of fleas on young animals can overwhelm their immune systems making them more susceptible to other illnesses. Fleas can carry the eggs of tapeworms, when an egg-carrying flea is ingested, the tapeworm will hatch and attach themselves to the intestine lining. Intestinal worms pose a greater risk to kittens than to adult cats.  Symptoms include diarrhoea and a reduced ability to absorb nutrients from food, but in severe cases the shear number of worms can cause complete intestinal obstruction.

Flea and Worm Subscription Box Service

The best protection against fleas is the consistent regular application of an effective product. Once your kitten is 8 weeks old, and weighs more than 2kg, they can sign up to Protect My Pet. This will ensure they are always protected from the effects of fleas.  It is advisable to treat your home environment to remove any developing flea eggs, larvae and pupae that may be lurking prior to the introduction of a new kitten.

Join our pack today from just £6.49 a month and our vet team will deliver your kitten’s flea and worm treatment direct to your door, exactly when it’s due. Delivery is always free and there is no contract so you can change, pause or cancel at any time.  Click here to get started. 

Protect My Pet Flea Worm Subscription Box Cat

Written by Lindsay Rose MA VetMB CertAVP CertVBM MRCVS

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