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Thinking about starting your own Dog Blog?

Many pet owners create a blog to express their love for their pets and along the way find a community that they really identify with. Starting your first dog blog can be daunting, that’s why we asked some of our favourite doggy bloggers the reasons they love what they do and hopefully their experiences and insights can help YOU take the jump to start writing your own blog!

Here are just a few reasons being a dog blogger could be exactly what you are searching for!


You’ll always have people to support you in more ways than one! Whether you are struggling to find new activities with your dog or just writing about your personal life, there will always be someone in the dog blogging world to be there for you. Dog bloggers share a common passion for dogs and love to see what everyone is doing as everyone has their own unique voice!




“I’m not sure I could pick one thing, I’ve been able to travel to so many wonderful places, and work with some amazing brands and companies. It gives me an outlet for being creative and showcasing my love, which are the dogs. The people I’ve met through it are really wonderful though, getting to know like-minded people.” ~ Steph and the Spaniels

“I only started my blog this year but I think it’s meeting amazing dogs every day. I love connecting with other pawrents on social media and I’ve chatted to some lovely people, from Instagram starts to people doing fantastic things for dogs at rescue centres and charities. I set up the blog to help dogs more than anything, so I think the most rewarding part is the work I do raising awareness of rescues and helping dogs who really need it.” ~ The Paw Post 


Starting a dog blog gives you the opportunity to share your experiences with your pooch and use your voice to help others through the good and bad times! You can use this platform as a chance to give tips and tricks that you’ve learned through being a loving dog owner and others won’t hesitate to offer you their advice either!


 “We’ve been lucky enough to meet so many amazing dogs and their owners, it’s a bonus that we can share advice and help them along the way.” ~ Cotswold Spaniels

“Being a dog blogger has opened up my world- it had given me the opportunity to meet and get to know so many other dog owners! And to know that our stories have touched so many people around the world. The best reward- when our readers tell us we’ve put a smile on their faces and brighten up their day.” ~ Miss Darcy

Dog-Friendly Finds










Finding out dog-friendly places can be tough, but with a community of dog lovers, you’re bound to find someone who knows where to go for a special day with your pooch! (Check out The Bluebird Cafe for a different and affordable dog-friendly restaurant)

The Londog loves “Trying to contribute to a change in culture and nudging more places to open to dogs; meeting like-minded people and, of course, all the dogs!” Check out her blog and Instagram for an abundance of dog-friendly recommendations!

Share your Story and Have Fun!

Starting a dog blog can be great fun especially since it creates an incentive to go the extra mile to spend time with your dog and find new and exciting activities to do together! If you’re having fun with your dog it’ll show through your blog posts and all bloggers can agree that seeing other dog bloggers enjoy their time with their pup is a wonderful thing to watch!

“I think the best thing is just doing what you love and typing about how you feel, including the dogs in everything I do means I get to spend a lot more time with them. Having a   dog  blog and keeping up with other blogs   helps to see what things are out there for your   dog, adventures, treats, food, clothing or pet   protection, it helps the next person find out your journey too.” ~ Adorable Cockers

“Particularly this past year getting recognized more and more is starting to become really nice! It always brightens our day when someone comes up to us saying they follow us!” ~ Eva&Amelia

If you want to share your cute pooch with the world but are still hesitant about starting your own dog blog, check out our blog for details about how your furry friend can become the new Brand Ambassador of Protect My Pet!