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Puppies are much more susceptible to the ill effects of parasites than adult dogs. Puppies are not as adept as adult dogs in reducing the number of fleas on their body through grooming. As they spend much of their early life in the nest, any fleas left untreated will multiply rapidly, re-infecting the puppies from the environment. A heavy flea burden in a young pup can cause them to itch, result in significant blood loss, and can lead to life-threatening anaemia.

Puppies will be exposed to worms from any eggs their mother sheds, there are even some worms that are passed to the puppy in utero, before they are born, and through their mother’s milk. Fleas carry tapeworm eggs, these tapeworm eggs readily hatch and attach themselves in the puppy’s intestine.  Intestinal worms can cause a pot-bellied appearance, pneumonia, vomiting, diarrhoea, malnutrition and even complete intestinal obstruction. 

Why a Flea Subscription is the perfect solution

A flea subscription box for your puppy means that you will never forget to treat for fleas again; their flea spot-on product will simply arrive in the post when it’s time to dose. You can rely on Protect My Pet to remember which product and dose your pet requires, and when, ensuring 24/7 protection against fleas.

Using Protect My Pet’s monthly subscription service also allows you spread the cost of flea, tick and worm treatments into 12 even payments across the year; no more bulk buying of expensive treatments that you might forget to use. Here at Protect My Pet we aim to make protection against fleas completely hassle-free, so that’s one less thing for you to think about.

Your puppy can join our pack from 3 months of age, before this time we recommend speaking to your vet about the most appropriate method of parasite control. All puppies less than 6 months of age will receive monthly flea and monthly worming from Protect My Pet, as recommended by our vet.

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