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fleas and ticks

No pet owner wants their pet to be troubled by fleas and ticks

During warmer weather, rising temperatures are the perfect breeding ground for a host of unwanted pests, namely fleas and ticks. Whilst these parasites are small, they can lead to big problems and can cause serious diseases for your cat or dog.

How to prevent fleas and ticks on your pet

Find out how to prevent fleas and ticks from becoming an issue for your pet and home with these 5 handy tips.

1. Inspect your pets

Check for fleas and ticks on a daily basis. It takes just a few minutes and you can do this while grooming or playing with your pets. Don’t forget to pay close attention to eyes, ears and feet as ticks love these areas! If your cat or dog is scratching excessively, this can be a sign that they are struggling with flea bites.

2. Regularly groom

If you are concerned your pet may have fleas, then using a fine-toothed flea comb may help you detect them in your pet’s coat. Regularly grooming your pet is pleasurable for your dog or cat and provides a calming and therapeutic way of bonding with your pet as an owner.

3. Ask your vet to check for ticks

Ticks can be tricky to identify and can sometimes be mistaken for warts or skin tags! Always ask your vet to check anything you are worried about as ticks. They need to be properly removed by a veterinary professional to ensure the entire tick is extracted.

4. Check other pets are treated for fleas and ticks

When your pet visits catteries, kennels or goes out with a dog walker, check other pets are treated for fleas and worms to reduce the risk of fleas jumping from different hosts.

5. Use a regular flea treatment

Apply a vet-recommended flea treatment such as Advantage Spot-on or Frontline Plus regularly as per the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure your pet is protected.

How Protect My Pet can help

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