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our carbon footprint

Here’s how we do things

From the very essence of our service through to our supply chain, we’re revolutionizing the pet health care industry. This means taking responsibility for our carbon footprint. We make every effort to work in a sustainable way. Here’s how.

Tailored doses mean less waste

Before we started Protect My Pet, pet owners had no choice but to buy multi-packs of parasite treatments. A pet’s parasite control is based on their weight which changes rapidly as they grow, particularly for larger breeds. So the doses in multi-pack medication can quickly become redundant. This leads to another multi-pack being bought, and all the unused medication ends up in landfill sites. Another common issue that we hear a lot is some pet owners forget about the medication and it then expires.

We deliver tailored single-dose parasite treatments when they’re due, so pet owners get exactly what they need, when they need it. The result is that they use up all of their pet’s medication, they don’t forget to apply the dose and there’s no waste.

Packing and printing in a sustainable way

From the cardboard we choose for our boxes to the services we employ to print them, we’re committed to minimizing our environmental impact. And we’ve taken conscious steps towards this effort.

We recently re-designed our packaging to halve the size of our multi-pet boxes, and we also send tailored doses to families of up to four pets in just one box. We also use vegetable-based inks rather than petroleum-based ones. These significantly reduce the amount of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) released into the air during printing.

All our packaging is FSC and PEFC-approved, meaning our paper and card is made with sustainable, renewable materials from well-managed forests. And the board for our boxes is made from 100% unbleached virgin kraft fibre which is recycled – and recyclable.

The higher we climb, the lower our carbon footprint

As we continue to grow as a business, we look at how we can get involved in bigger initiatives that not only help to lower our carbon footprint relatively speaking, but actually give something back beyond any impact we may make. We believe this is something customers should expect from us – just as our world increasingly demands it.