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Prevention is better than cure. Regular use of a quality flea treatment spot-on product will prevent fleas living on your pet long enough to reproduce. Using a product like Advantage or Frontline consistently at monthly intervals will mean that any flea which finds your pet will die without laying eggs; breaking their life-cycle.

Once fleas have become established there is no one quick solution to eradicate them. Fleas only spend the adult portion of their life cycle on your pet. Flea eggs, larvae, pupae, and immature adults all live in your cat’s environment, your garden, your home, your cat basket. A cat with fleas will drop flea eggs everywhere they go, this means that when you find one adult flea on your cat, there will be a hundred more in their environment. Total eradication of fleas will take at least three months and requires cleaning and treating the environment, as well as using a quality spot-on treatment product at regular intervals.

I only treat my cat for fleas when I see them

Waiting until you see fleas before treating with a flea product is not an effective approach. Fleas like to hide away in thick areas of hair cover and very often owners do not notice the presence of fleas until their pet develops a hypersensitivity or the infestation is so great that their numbers are difficult to hide. Occasionally bites on human family members are the first sign of your unwanted guests living in the sofa or floorboards.

In the vet practice, most diagnoses of flea infestation come as a surprise to the owner who perhaps brought their pet in for an unrelated reason. It is easy to miss the signs of fleas, particularly if it is your first experience dealing with a flea problem. Protect My Pet has previously published a blog to help you spot the signs of fleas, click here to read

My cat does not come into contact with other cats, so she won’t catch fleas

Fleas do not often leap from cat to cat. Rather they lie in wait in the environment and wait for a potential host to come along, then they use their powerful legs to jump onto the animal to feed and reproduce. This means rather than fleas may be lying in wait for your cat in any number of locations; in that comfy patch of carpet, under a bush, or even at their favourite neighbour’s house.

Dogs and ferrets also suffer from the same types of fleas that infest cats, so ensure all your pets are regularly treated for fleas to prevent a build-up of the various flea life-cycle stages in your home.

Why a Flea Subscription is the perfect solution

A flea subscription box for your cat means that you will never forget to treat for fleas again; their flea spot-on product will simply arrive in the post when it’s time to dose. You can rely on Protect My Pet to remember which product and dose your pet requires, and when, ensuring 24/7 protection against fleas.

Using Protect My Pet’s monthly subscription service also allows you spread the cost of flea, tick and worm treatments into 12 even payments across the year; no more bulk buying of expensive treatments that you might forget to use. Here at Protect My Pet we aim to make protection against fleas completely hassle-free, so that’s one less thing for you to think about.

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