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frontline flea treatment for dogs

What is Frontline flea treatment for dogs?

Frontline flea treatment for dogs is a leading brand of flea and tick treatment manufactured by Boehringer Ingelheim and sold across the world. Both Frontline and Frontline Plus offer excellent protection and treatment of fleas on dogs. Frontline Plus contains two active ingredients – Fipronil and S-methoprene – that are combined to create a spot-on product that protects against fleas and ticks for one month after application.

Tackle fleas and their eggs to protect your home

Frontline Plus is the most advanced formula within the Frontline range of flea and tick treatments. One Frontline Plus application will kill adult fleas on dogs, as well as preventing new adults from emerging by inhibiting the development of eggs, larvae and pupae. This means Frontline Plus also helps to prevent home infestations. Ticks and biting lice infestations can also be treated with Frontline Plus making it an excellent overall parasite treatment for your dog.

How does Frontline Plus work?

Frontline Plus contains a combination of two active ingredients, Fipronil and S-methoprene, this combination of treatments targets different stages of the flea life cycle, improving efficacy. Fleas and ticks are killed within 24 hours of contact with a treated pet.

Fipronil targets adult fleas and ticks. It works by affecting the central nervous system and creating irregular uncontrolled activity before death. For this reason, adult fleas may become more visible prior to death as the fipronil causes irregular movement and fleas are seen to ‘dance’ and lose their instinct to hide. 

S-Methoprene is an insect growth regulator and works by inhibiting the development of immature stages of insects. It works by mimicking juvenile hormones, causing impaired development and death of the immature flea. S-Methoprene prevents the contamination of the treated pet’s environment with the immature stages of fleas. 

Protect your dog with Frontline flea treatment for dogs

The two active ingredients make Frontline Plus flea treatment for dogs one of the best dog flea treatments on the market. With monthly application you can ensure your dog and home remains flea free.

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Written by Lindsay Rose MA VetMB CertAVP CertVBM MRCVS