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flea and worm treatment for kittens

Flea and worm treatment for kittens

One way cat breeders can show their commitment to providing the best start to a kittens’ life is to keep on top of flea and worm treatment for their cat. If a queen has worms, she can pass them to her unborn litter and there are worming procedures to follow to reduce the chance of this happening. A kitten may be wormed every 2 weeks until they are 12 weeks old. After that a regular worming treatment is the best course of action. Only by using the best flea treatment for cats can you help prevent a kitten becoming infested. Talk to your vet about the best products to use for young kittens.

Why do I need to protect my kitten against fleas, eggs & larvae?

Young kittens need to be protected from fleas, eggs and larvae as their immature immune system makes them more susceptible to disease and the ill effects of parasites than an older cat. If a litter of kittens is born into a nest that fleas have already inhabited, it provides the ideal environment for fleas to multiply. A nest of warm bodies will assist fleas in completing their lifecycle and infect all the others in the litter.

How do fleas take hold?

As kittens are so small, if fleas are allowed to bite, they can cause loss of blood which could lead to life-threatening anaemia for your kitten. An infestation of fleas can overwhelm a kitten’s immune system, making them more vulnerable to catching other diseases. Fleas can also carry tapeworm eggs. If these eggs are ingested, a tapeworm will hatch and attach itself to the intestinal lining of a kitten causing greater risk than it would in an adult cat. Signs and symptoms of worms in kittens include diarrhoea and reduced ability to absorb nutrients from food. If the issue is severe, the number of worms could cause an intestinal obstruction.

It is best to treat your home environment for fleas prior to your cat giving birth. Regular topical flea treatment combined with good housekeeping will help remove evidence of flea eggs, larvae and pupae that may be lurking and protect the new litter prior to birth.

Flea subscription box service

The best way you can protect against parasites is by using flea treatment for kittens in an effective spot-on formula. Once your kitten is 12 weeks old and weighs over 1kg, you can sign them up to our flea subscription service. 

Join our pack today from just £6.49 a month and our team will deliver flea treatment for your kitten direct to your door, exactly when it’s due. We only use market-leading products such as Advantage Spot-on and Frontline Plus and dosage is tailored to your pet. Delivery is always free and there is no contract so you can change, pause or cancel at any time. Find out more about our service.